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In a Golden era when almost every house in India used to have Chakki or Flour mill. Grains like wheat, maize, and pearl millet would be grounded fresh by all women to ensure best Atta roti could be served to everyone.

India is the second largest producer of wheat. Producing 85-90 Million metric tons every year. Wheat is one of the world’s most important food product. As, It primarily used for direct human consumption.

Weight Flour is powder from grinding of Whole Wheat selected from ground source to provide soft dough result in high quality Roti. That is rich in fiber, low in cholesterol, contains vitamin B, C, E and natural nutrients.

Wheat Flour is also helpful to reduce weight loss. It is also used for making chappati, Roti, Noodles, Naan, Sweets and many more.

But In present time because of new life style. People want to purchase instant flour from the market.

So, Here Top Wheat Flour brands available in the market promising good quality, Balanced Nutrition, Soft Roti.

Check out the list of Top 10 Atta Brands in India 2022.

1. Aashirvaad Superior MP Atta:

Aashirvaad Superior MP atta
Aashirvaad Superior MP ATTA

Price – 378 Rs

Weight – 10 Kg

Aashirvaad atta launched on 27th May 2002, and has now become No.1 Brand across the country. The whole wheat grains sourced directly from the finest field for preparing soft fluffy Roti.

They ensure wheat of high nutritional value. This is 100% whole wheat Atta and 0% maida. The process used for grinding the grains offer the right balance of color, taste and nutrition.

The Product ingredients are carefully nurtured and processed through 4 steps.

1. They procure grains from over 6500 places and from these they choose fine grains.

2. They ensure high standards of food safety and hygiene and for the same they maintained 3 stage process of cleaning.

3. They use modern mechanized for grinding whole wheat grains and ensure they preserve their natural goodness and nutrition.

4. Whole wheat Atta is a good source of essential vitamins and minerals. It is considered as the best detox diet, that cleanse the blood and eliminates harmful toxins. It also helps to increase vitamin B complex that is very good for nerves and metabolism.


1. Aashirvaad superior Mp atta is made using the 4-step advantage process that make sure 100% pure and natural.

2. Source directly from the farmers and not tampered there by maintaining high quality.

3. The dough made from Aashirvaad superior MP atta absorbs more water making the Roti soft, fluffy and delicious.

4. Ashirvaad Atta contains 0% maida and 100% Sampoorna Atta.

Nutritional Information (Per 100 gm)

1. Energy (Kcal) 367

2. Protein (g) 10.9

3. Fat (g) 1.7

4. Carbohydrate (g) 77.0

5. of which sugar (g) 5.4

6. Dietary fiber (g) 10.5

2. Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta:

Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta
Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta

Item weight : 10 Kg

Price : 415 Rs

Patanjali Atta is very fresh and health. It is pure and natural ingredient product. The Premium Ingredient of Patanjali Atta are sourced directly from farmers across India.

Patanjali Atta flour is a good source of solid carbohydrates. It contains vitamin B minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium. At a very nutrients level. Patanjali Atta has become one of the most nutrition food in the world.


1. 100% wheat 0% Maida.

2. Soft and Fluffy Roti remain soft for longer time.

3. Full of fiber and easy to digest.

4. Grinder in chakis with pneumatic method. So, that proteins and vitamins in the process.

Nutritional Information:

1. Energy 353.72 Kcal.

2. Protein 11.18 g.

3. Carbohydrate 72.48g

4. Total Fat 2.12g

5. Cholesterol 0 mg.

6. Dietary fiber 14.20g

7. Sodium 15.11 mg.

8. Calcium 30.95 mg.

9. Iron 4.99 mg.

10. Saturated fat 0.48 g.

11. MUFA 0.37 g.

12. PUFA 1.26 g.

3. 24 Mantra Organic Whole Wheat Atta 5 kg.

24 mantra organic whole wheat atta
24 mantra organic whole wheat atta


Item Weight -5 kg

Organic means, farmers don’t use toxic, pesticides, fertilizers, which are know to contaminate soil, air, water and food.

24 Mantra Organic Whole wheat atta is made from using traditional chakki procedure ad brings the old-world goodness of roti’s into the home. It has soft texture and low gluten.

Organic atta is better than refined atta for health. It is a rich source of magnesium and helps to lower the risk for type -2 diabetes. It helps in keeping the gastrointestinal function normal. Therefore, the wheat atta has a significant amount of dietary fiber and photochemical which deliver a lot of health benefits.


1. It provides a number of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin B and E.

2. No pesticides or harmful chemical are used during this process.

3. Better nutrients and rich in antioxidants.

4. The method used are organic, which helps to protect children and family from cancer causing pesticides.

5. Grown without synthetic pesticides.

6. Made by traditional chakki method and it is not refined.

7. A good source of protein vitamin B and e and major source of energy in our diet.

8. Beneficial for those who have diabetes and high cholesterol level in blood.

9. This is vegetarian product.

Nutritional Facts:

Energy [kcal] 340

Protein[g] 13.21


Carbohydrates[g] 71.97

Fiber 10.7

Calcium[mg] 34

Iron 3.6

Magnesium[mg] 137

Phosphorus 357

Sodium 2

Thainim 0.502

4. TWF Organic Indie Wheat Flour

Twf Organic Indie Wheat Flour
Twf Organic Indie Wheat Flour

Price : 699

Item weight : 5 Kg

TWF Organic Indie Wheat flour is one of the best wheat flour brands. TFW is famous for organic wheat. The farms and wheat both are certified as 100% organic by India organic and USDA.

TWF is famous for its natural maize. There are no additives no preservatives no bleach no added gluten. The Roti made out of this atta are buttery soft and also enhance the taste. The chapati also stays soft for longer period too.

TWF organic atta is the healthiest wheat flour because it is low in glycemic index. It has low gluten that is why is recommended by Doctors.


1. 10,000 years old wheat strains

2. They use organic method to cultivate the fields with no added preservatives.

3. Rich in fiber, vitamin B, C, E and minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, protein omega 3and 6.

4. Ground to order – they grind your selected TWF whole wheat only after you place the order.

5. This is a vegetarian product.

6. Naturally soft roti no additives, no bleach, no added gluten, no preservatives.

7. 100% Atta and 0% Maida.

5. Laxmi Bhog atta

Laxmi Bhog Whole Wheat Atta
Laxmi Bhog Whole Wheat Atta


Weight :10 kg

Nutrition is very important part of our routine life’s food, so wheat is major source of nutrition.

The brand Laxmi Bhog Atta has an AGMARK certification, which is the sign of good quality atta. Laxmi Bhog atta has is 100% chakki made atta. The whole wheat atta is selected from the grounded farmers ensuring all safety and quality checked. They use better grinding techniques hat assure great taste.

Specification :

1. Maintain the high quality.

2. Soft and fluffy roti and also remain soft for longer period.

3. 100% whole wheat flour.

4. Rich in fiber, and vitamins and zero % choles.

5. Laxmi bhog atta is available at very affordable price.

6. Produces fresh atta and gives best services to customers.

6. Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta:

Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta
Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta

Price : 315 Rs

Item Weight: 10 Kg

Nature fresh flour is made from the finest quality Wheat grains. It selects high quality, natural ingredients that are processed right, to produce atta that has just the right texture. The Flour is neither too fine, nor too coarse, That makes the roti softer and fluffed. The flour is rich in natural dietary fibers, which makes the Roti easy to digest and give you optimum nutrition.


1. Nature fresh Atta contains 100% Wheat and 0% Maida (bleached flour) at all.

2. It understands the importance of purity and quality of ingredients along with techniques.

3. Nature fresh offers the best of nature to maintain the energy level, So that you can live an active life.

4. Rich in fiber that enables easy to digest.

5. Experts use the Blenders carefully, Select varies strains of Wheat grains for perfect color and texture. And their by delivering the soft Roti.

6. Soft chakki- Grind processed that retain protein, hence sustaining natural flavor and complete brand.

7. Premium multiple layer packaging for lasting freshness.

8. Provides fiber, Vitamins B, E, Antioxidants and healthy fatness.

Nutritional Facts:

Energy – 369.7 Kcal

Protein – 13.1 g

Carbohydrates – 75.7 g (of which sugar 5.0 g)

Fat – 1.6 g

Cholesterol – 0.0 mg

Dietary fiber 13.0 g

Calcium – 63.0 mg

Iron – 3.5 mg

7. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta:

Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta
Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

Price : 330 Rs

Item Weight : 10 Kg

Fortune chakki fresh atta were naturally grown Wheat Grains are used to make pure Wheat Flour. This Atta is the perfect combination of taste and texture. That fulfill the needs of soft Roti.

You can differentiate this fiber rich Roti with your 5 Sense with their superior quality, Taste, Touch, Mesmerizing aroma and fluffy look.


1. It contains 100% Atta and 0% Maida.

2. Rich in Dietary fiber.

3. Provides soft and fluffy Roti.

4. It enhances your 5 senses.

5. Wheat flour is made from some of the finest and handpicked from Wheat fields.

Nutrients Value:

Energy (Kcal): 341.0

Protein(g) : 12.1

Carbohydrate (g) 69.4 (of which sugar 0.0)

Fat (g) : 1.7

8. Pillsbury chakki fresh Atta:

Pillsbury chakki fresh atta
Pillsbury chakki fresh atta

Price : 379 Rs

Item : 10 Kg

Pillsbury chakki fresh Atta is 100% whole wheat Atta and Flour rich with fiber. That help for healthy digestive system. The Roti made from the flour, Make soft and awesome in taste. The Dough is soft and easy to knead.


1. Made with 100% whole Wheat and 0% Maida.

2. A good source of fiber and iron.

3. Roti’s stay soft for 6 hours and have a 3 finger tear guarantee of softness.

Nutritional Facts:

Total Fat : 1%

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 0 mg.

Total Carbohydrate 25 g.

Protein 4g

Calcium 2%

Iron 15%.

9. Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta:

Annapurana Farm Fresh Atta
Annapurana Farm Fresh Atta

Price: 410 Rs

Item : 10 Kg

Annapurna is one of the biggest Atta brands that provides fresh farm Atta. It continues to provide soft and tasty Roti.

The flour is made from the choicest of grains brought fresh from the farms. To maintain the quality and hygiene, they go through 3 times of cleaning process.

The Roti that is made from flour is soft and easily melts into the mouth.

It is rich in nutrition, low level of cholesterol, Rich in Fiber, Calcium, protein, Iron and Vitamins.


1. No Maida and 100% Wheat Flour.

2. Cleaned 3 times and packed most hygiene condition.

3. Rich in Fiber that helps to digest easily.

4. The Whole Wheat is selected from the choicest field.

Nutritional Facts:

1. Energy (Kcal) 320

2. Protein (g) 10.6

3. Carbohydrate (g) 64.2

4. Sugar (g) 1.8

5. Dietary fiber (g) 11.4

6. Total Fat (g) 1.5

7. Saturated Fat (g) 0.2

8. Trans Fat (g) Nill.

9. Sodium (mg) 2

10. Nature Land Organics (Whole Wheat Chakki Flour)

Nature Land Organics whole wheat chakki flour
Nature Land Organics whole wheat chakki flour

Price : 251 Rs

Item : 5 Kg.

This is purely organic Atta. Nature Land Organics was founded for creating effective and efficient bridge between Indian marginal farmers and buyers across the world seeking high quality organic produce.

Wheat Flour is rich in Catalytic elements, Mineral salts, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, chlorine vitamin B C, E.

This flour is rich in nutritional factors and make soft Roti. It is easy to Digest.


1. Nature land organic whole wheat flour is processed from selected, high protein, high gluten, wheat grains containing the entire essential parts.

2. The Best organic grocery.

3. Fiber is the main content for your body, as it improves your digestion and keeps the blood sugar in control.

4. The whole wheat flour is the healthy for your body as it help in weight loss.

5. You can make Roti, Pancakes, Cakes, Sweet with whole wheat flour.

6. 100% Atta and 0% Wheat.

Nutritional Facts:

1. Calories (Kcal) 347

2. Calories from fat 13.5 Kcal.

3. Cholesterol 0 Mg.

4. Sodium 20.0 mg.

5. Carbohydrate 11.2g

6. Fiber 1.4 g.

7. Sugar 0.4 g.

8. Protein 12.1 g.

9. Vitamin A 0.50%

10. vitamin C 0%

11. Iron 2.9. 40%

12. Calcium 4.10%