The 10 Most Successful Patanjali Hair Colour Products With Detail Review Inside

5 Most Successful Patanjali Hair Color Products With Detail Review Inside
5 Most Successful Patanjali Hair Color Products With Detail Review Inside

Healthy, strong long hair is the pride of every woman. Not all of us are privileged to have such kinds of hair though. If the black natural color of your hair is prematurely changing to grey or white, the following could be the reason. You may be lacking enough B12, proteins, copper and selenium caused by poor nutrition. Did you know that even stress can alter the color of your hair? Avoid it!

Patanjali hair color products:

If you are already a victim, worry not for all is not lost! Patanjali hair color is here to help you get rid of grey and white hair so that you can enjoy your youthful look for long. Below are one of the best patanjali hair color products that will help you improve the color of your hair.

Baba Ramdev Patanjali herbal Mehandi

Are you looking for a natural hair color with no harsh chemicals? This patanjali hair color product is what you need. Let your hair become naturally black without any risks of side effects. Baba ramdev patanjali herbal mehandi is the way to achieve a shiny smooth hair naturally since it does not contain chemicals such as ammonia. It is an effective patanjali medicine for grey hair.

Natural extracts found in patanjali hair color makes it a natural herb that works towards darkening your hair follicles so that you can develop black hair from the roots thanks to incorporation of natural henna. Using this product will not only give you black hair but also increase the rapid growth of your hair. Growing long hair within a short time is a dream to most ladies. Use this patanjali hair color and note the difference in your stunted hair. You can also learn more about it from patanjali hair color reviews.

Falling hair with every comb can be quite frustrating. This product contains amla, reetha amd neem leaf which works towards minimizing the amount of hair falling as you comb. It also cools your scalp so that you don’t keep on itching as you experiment on all kinds of hairstyles.

To achieve good results, first soak it through the night in brewed green tea. You can add I spoon of besan and coffee the following morning to prevent it from sticking as you smear it on your hair.Eggs is also a healthy element that you can use to add consistency to your patanjali black henna. Leave it for some few hours on your hair before you wash it off. Avoid washing it off with shampoo.


  • It is pocket friendly
  • Conditions and colors your hair effectively
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Made from natural herbs
  • Has a long life span


  • Not completely pure henna therefore does not get rid of grey hair completely
  • Its intensity reduces after you use it for long.

Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil

Get rid of white and grey patches using one of the best patanjali hair colors. Do you always have to undo your hair after a short time due to accumulated dandruffs?  This is the solution that you need to say goodbye to dandruffs for good.Long use of patanjali kesh kanti hair oil prevents you from suffering from baldness since it helps your hair not fall out even as you age.

Coming in different sizes, it is convenient for you to carry it around even when you want to travel with it. Its flip flop makes it easy to use when you apply it on your hair so that it does not keep on sliding from your hands. Applying it on your hair does not leave a sticky feeling on your hands. For those who have allergies, worry not because patanjali hair color reviews all testify to the soothing fragrance of this oil. It will not leave you sneezing after use.

Combining sesame and coconut oil to make this patanjali hair color an effective product that does not damage your scalp. It also contains neem leaf, the best mehandi for hair and vancha that makes it a good treatment to nourish your hair. Its beautiful mehandi will prevent your scalp from getting itchy as it contains antifungal properties. Applying it before bed time makes you sleep peacefully.


  • Minimizes dandruffs
  • Repairs split ends of your hair
  • Contains less chemicals thus minimal side effects


  • Not effective for dry hair

Patanjali Amla Hair oil

Tired of growing grey hair that makes you look old even when you are not? This patanjali hair product turns your grey hair into black shiny looking hair to make you maintain a younger appearance even as years go by Patanjali amla hair oil slows down premature hair graying process. You can use it for up to 18 months without worrying about it expiring.

Mixed with sunflower oil, olive oil and sesame oil, the ingredients make it one of the best patanjali hair colors to improve the texture of your hair and make it strong.It also reduces dandruffs from your scalp and increases the thickness so that you can set your hairdifferently without having to conceal bald areas. Apply it at night and get a good night sleep thanks to its soothing effect. You can wash it off with a mild shampoo in the morning.


  • Not made with harmful chemicals
  • You can easily afford it
  • Makes your hair shinny
  • Relaxes your hair


  • You may experience a greasy effect if you are not a regular user.

Patanjali Shikakai shampoo

The mistake that some of us do with odd looking hair is that plucking any grey or white patches that appears on our heads. This does not give you the solution but ends up worsening the situation because more grey hairs are bound to grow with every pluck. Wash your hair regularly with patanjali shikakai shampoo and prevent your hair from turning all grey as it one of the best hair color shampoo in India.

By enhancing the color of your hair, it makes you feel confident to walk shoulder high without worrying. It also strengthens your hair follicles giving you healthy hair that constantly grows without reaching a certain limit. Having trouble treating scalp conditions?  This patanjali hair product will get rid of itchy surfaces caused by round worms or dandruffs. The product continues receiving praises of how effective it is from patanjali hair color reviews.


  • It is consistent on your hair
  • Leaves a smooth effect
  • Appealing fragrance
  • Shines your hair
  • Removes hair discolorations


  • Does not prevent your hair from falling

Patanjali color protection hair conditioner

Is your hair henna colored? You will notice that pure henna powder for hair fades off after using it for long on your hair.Prevent your hair from discoloring by using this hair conditioner. The patanjali hair color helps you retain the intensity of the henna powderso that it does not fade away easily with time. You don’t want to go back to your original state right?

Patanjali color protection hair conditioner contains china rose, aloe Vera, Bhringraj and sugarcane that work towards maintaining your hair color for years. Retain your herbal blackMehdi’scolor by using it frequently. Proper maintenance of your dyed hair will give you good service. This also prevent your hair from accumulating too much dust even when your working conditions involve more of outdoor activities.

Unlike other patanjali hair color products, you don’t have to leave this one overnight. Simply apply it on your hair strands so that you capture all the cuticles. Be careful not to touch your scalp so as to avoid irritation on a sensitive skin. Rinse it off after five minutes with water.


  • High quality product at a reasonable price
  • The creamy texture moisturizes your hair
  • Its mild smell does not irritate your nose
  • Protects the henna on your hair from lightening
  • Affordable price
  • Impressive packaging


  • You need lots of quantity to condition all parts of your hair.

Patanjali divya kesh kanti shampoo review

Apart from using the hair oil, you can incorporate this shampoo to restore the original dark color of your hair. It strengthens your hair as it gets rid of dusty particles hidden beneath your thick hair. Use it when your hair is wet by gradually massaging it around all surfaces of your head and the rinse with warm water. Unlike other shampoos, you will find kesh kanti shampoo consistent to help you rub around your hair with ease. It contains brown henna color and a soothing orange smell that is not irritating.

Let your hair glow by washing it with this patanjali hair color. It also helps your hair from getting too dry and eliminates rough surfaces leaving it soft for you to style as you please. The natural ingredients used to manufacture it such as henna, aloe Vera, curcuma amada, ama haldi and ocimum sanctum `keep your scalp free from diseases. Such patanjali hair shampoo products come at affordable prices and are easily available from your local shops.


  • This shampoo forms enough lather even when you use less quantity to prevent you from wasting it
  • Its effectiveness saves you from using a conditioner after washing your hair since it serves both purposes
  • Makes your hair soft
  • Does not cause irritation or skin peeling on your hands
  • Cleans your hair well
  • Gets rid of grey hair while making your hair more healthy


  • Runny texture compared to other shampoos
  • If your hair is too dry, you need to oil it up first before shampooing it with this patanjali hair color product.

Patanjali Coconut hair wash

This is among baba radem hair color products that helps you gain numerous benefits from it including transforming grey hair into black healthy hair. Acting as a cleanser the product gives your hair a nourished effect while leaving it moisturized. Lack of minerals and vitamins causes discoloration of your hair.  Get the right nutrients from Patanjali coconut hair wash to achieve a shiny silky black hair.

It also cleanses your fizzy hair naturally and softens it due to healthy ingredients used to make it. Such include: Bhringaj, Methi, henna and Ghritkumari. Mixed in the right proportions the ingredients help your hair change within few weeks of use. It is time that you got rid of all those toxic elements on your hair so that you can create room for new healthy hair to grow.

Patanjali coconut hair wash will save you money since you don’t need to buy an extra conditioner. The volume of your hair increases courtesy of this natural conditioner. You will love the fragrance on this coconut washas you enjoy the texture of your hair transform for the better. All this features makes it one of the best patanjali hair colors in the market.


  • Increases your hair volume
  • Softens and smoothens your hair
  • Eradicates grey and white hair
  • Your hair becomes shiny and simple to comb
  • Increases rapid growth


  • Fizziness is not that much

Patanjali Tejus coconut oil

Made from pure coconut, the patanjali hair color reduces any signs of grey hair.It also makes your hair strong and healthy while keeping it away from drying. To achieve good results, apply it on your hair at night before sleeping as it helps you sleep stress free.Leaving it through the night also helps your hair grow a fresh healing the damage on your head as it offers you good proteins to fight hair damage. You can rinse it off the next morning with a mild shampoo.Don’t get an extra moisturizer with patanjali tejus coconut oil because it is not only a mere oil but also a good moisturizer.

Feel free toalso use it on other body parts as it is manufactured with pure coconut which is very beneficial for your body. For instance, patanjali hair color reviews show that it has helped people with sagging and aging skin.It is also known to boost your digestive system as well as helping you fight off too much weight on your body.


  • Has a thick texture that makes it easy to apply on your hair
  • It is cheap
  • An appealing smell that reminds you of coconuts
  • Chemical free
  • Easily available


  • Unattractive packaging

Banjaras Amla powder

Unlike other patanjali hair colors which are sensitive on your skin, Banjaras have come up with an Amla powder that is grounded for you to make a paste out of it to apply on grey and white patches. This is different from the hair oils and conditioners you are used to since it not only works on your hair discoloration but is also healthy for your face and neck areas.

This is one of the best amla brands competing against patanjali hair color products in the market. The powder will prevent your hair from falling out since it works on the root of your scalp to make growing hair strong. Using it two times in a week gives you shiny looking hair. Using rosewater to rinse it off after you have left it for one hour on your hair will help you achieve a glowing hair.


  • It takes care of dandruffs
  • Helps your hair skin produce more collagen making your hair more healthy
  • Made with Vitamin A that prevents your skin from aging easily
  • You achieve a firm and elastic skin
  • User friendly with only few minutes of mixing


  • You will note that the powder has a tendency to scatter if you are not careful using it
  • Also leaves your hair dry

Anoos black henna for hair

Made with ayurvedic component, this anoos hair care product helps your hair tint to a good natural shade of black without affecting your scalp.It comes in a twin pack that requires you to first use the henna before the indiblak 6 hours apart. You can start by soaking the contents with tea extracts for some time then adding an egg to make a good paste. Use some lemon juice in the mixture to make it consistent on your hair.It is not a requirement that you wash your hair before applying anoos henna.Find anoos black henna price on amazon and enjoy the numerous benefits of this dye.

  • Does not cause irritation on your hair since it does not contain chemicals
  • Improves the texture and color of your hair
  • It acts as an antifungal killing dandruffs and scalp conditions
  • Leaves a soothing effect on your hair


  • Your hair may feel brittle and dry after use.

Final thoughts

More people are now spending less time on oils and powders that do not get rid of grey and white hairs and investing more on effective hair colors. Patanjali hair products will not only give you a natural black hair but also improve the general health of your hair.Compare patanjali hair color products with competitor brands and choose what feels more comfortable on your hair.