Finding the right hair oil that matches our hair needs can be a bit of a problem. An all-natural ingredients hair oil, Patanjali hair oil have various ranges of products each with a particular purpose in hair care.

Your search for hair oils that are natural and give you a sparkly lustrous hair without crushing your budget ends now with Patanjali hair oil. Patanjali hair oils offer you an affordable and effective solution to your everyday hair problems and needs. What more? You can rest assured that your hair is getting the optimum herbal care since these products are made from entirely natural products.

Why opt for Patanjali Hair Oils?

Patanjali hair oils offer a varied number of benefits to your hair and hair roots which fortify your hair giving it that bold, smooth and glossy look. The fact that they are made with natural ingredients ensure that there are no harmful side effects when using these products and using them as instructed on a consistent basis will yield the full results in the shortest possible time. All these coupled with its ready availability on the market make it an excellent choice for hair care. And who says good quality hair care products should always be expensive? With Patanjali hair oils you need not worry about the price anymore as they are relatively cheaper than most other products currently on the market but more efficient. Below are some of the most effective Patanjali hair oils on the market. Choose your pick!

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil

Mode of Application: As instructed on the product, the oil should be massaged onto the hair before going to sleep and should be kept overnight. It can be rinsed off in the morning with a mild shampoo.

Pros: It dramatically decreases the amount of dandruff generated and also moisturizes a dry scalp while regulating toxin build up too. It is also very relaxing and soothing thereby allowing you to sleep much better. There is a mild and calming smell that helps to relieve strain and stress.

Cons: Not much of a negative for this product but while the fragrance may be soothing for some it may prove a bit unbearable for others. Also, it does not work too well on frizzy hair.

User Review: Most of the users of this product were, of course, happy about the fact that quite a substantial amount of oil is available at an affordable price representing “a great deal of business.” The product is suitable for battling the problem of dry scalps and makes the scalp very moisturized. It also makes hair very easy to handle and reduces a generation of dandruff. Again, sorry to say, it does not control dry and frizzy hair.

Ingredients: Brahmi, Amla, bhringaraj, neem, Mehandi, haldi and other minor ingredients.


Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

Mode of Application: Pour some of the almond oil in your palms and rub them together gently till you feel the warmth of the oil in the palms. Slowly massage the oil into your scalp, with much focus on the roots of the hair than the tips. Wash off the oil with a mild shampoo. Do this on a weekly basis.

Pros: Almond oil helps in the reduction of hair fall, and the product reduces hair fall to a large extent. It can also be realized that your hair becomes handier just after a few times of application. Almond oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E and magnesium and thereby nourishes, strengthens and forms a protective layer around your hair keeping it healthy and silky for long.

Cons: The oil bonds well to the hair but tend to be a bit gummy and using too much of it in one application makes it a tad difficult to wash the oil off thoroughly from the hair.
User Review: Users of the Patanjali Almond Oil gave positive reviews of the product and were extremely content with the outcome with regards to the reduction in hair loss after consistent application. Aside its stickiness, users were also generally pleased with the slight and agreeable smell.
Ingredients: Almond oil, Sesame oil


Patanjali Tejus Tailum Hair Oil

Mode of Application: Gently rub the oil onto the scalp and uniformly spread it all over the base of the head. As with the others leave the oil in your hair for an extended period and shampoo it off later.

Pros: The oil dissipates very well on the scalp and moisturizes a dry scalp. It has an added advantage minimizing dandruff. It is also versatile and can be used for the skin as well keeping in hydrated and nourished.

Cons: The oil has a pungent fragrance and will be tough for some users to endure it over a prolonged period peruse making it less suitable for the overnight application. The packaging too is a bit of a worry as care must be taken not to spill it, especially during travels.

User Review: The versatility of this product was highly praised by the users as it can also be used on their bodies and also as a baby massage. The only reservation users had was about the strong smell
Ingredients: Almond oil, janitor oil (olive oil), walnut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, mustard oil, castor oil.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil

Mode of Application: For two times a week, massage the Patanjali coconut oil onto the scalp and hair roots. For better absorption, use a warm towel to aid the hair to immerse in the oil. Wash off later with shampoo.

Pros: Coconut oil helps hair to grow stronger, longer and thicker at a faster rate! The essential fatty acids and vitamins present in coconut oil nourish the scalp and assist in the removal of sebum build-up from hair follicles. The wholesome nature of coconut oil prevents it from having a creamy texture and its lightness aids in the natural absorption by the hair. Based on how long you want your hair conditioned you can keep it on for a few minutes or overnight without any worries. The packaging I must say is beautiful! And oh, who doesn’t love the sweet smell of coconut…?

Cons: Absolutely none! However, using too much of it at a time on a regular basis could lead to a buildup of oil on the scalp and hair making the hair lackluster. As with everything, moderation is key.

User Review: Greatly positive reviews from the users of this product indicate that the oil made hair soft and shiny and was quick to state that it’s a utility product which can serve other purposes and can be used on the skin most especially the hands and feet.
Ingredients: Pure Coconut Oil.


Patanjali Amla Hair Oil

Mode of Application: This oil is massaged onto the scalp and allowed to sink in. The oil can be left on from within an hour to overnight based on user preference. The oil is subsequently rinsed off with a mild shampoo. With this product, it is essential to leave the oil on your hair for an extended period to achieve the most excellent results.

Pros: This hair oil is very effective at reducing hair fall and also makes hair very shimmering. It even to a lesser effect minimizes dandruff as a bonus and makes hair ends softly.

Cons: People who are sensitive to smell may have a bit of a problem with this product. However, it has no side effects on the hair itself. If you are looking for pure alma oil, then this is not the product for you as it is mixed with other oils.
User Review: This oil tends to make hair evener and glossier and also restricts hair fall according to most users. Most users also found the product helps to reduce white hair and also fell in love with the hair oil because of its economical price. Good and cheap, the perfect combo!
Ingredients: Alma oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil

Preemptive measures to take when using Patanjali Hair Oils
Always follow the instructions written on the product.
Products should not be used on broken skin.
Expectant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid the use of these products
Care must be taken when using products overnight as bedspreads and pillowcases may be sullied.
As always with most products keep out of reach of children.


For practical and affordable hair care oils, Patanjali Hair Oils is the sure way to go to meet your hair’s needs with a change to spare. Consistent use of these hair oils will leave your hair healthier and look as radiant as never before. Go on, try it now! Patanjali products are taking India by storm, and this is the testament to its effectiveness as more and more people strive for better looking and healthier hair. The search is finally over now!


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