Privacy Policy

  1. Beauty Girl Magazine LogoScope and Purpose of this Privacy Policy


This policy describes how Beauty Girl Magazine (“we,” “us,” “our website”) collects and uses information from website visitors accessing any or all versions of this website, whether optimized for desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


Within the context of this policy, “Personally Identifiable Information” refers to information which can identify you as an individual or which allows you to be contacted.  This includes your name, physical address or P.O. box, email address, telephone number, age, gender, or other information you provide.  If you provide us with this information, you are agreeing to the terms set forth in this policy for collection and usage of your Personally Identifiable Information.


Note that this policy does not cover any websites which are linked to or advertised on Beauty Girl Magazine.  Those websites are covered by their own privacy policies.


  1. How Beauty Girl Magazine Collects Information


(a) While visiting Beauty Girl Magazine, you may decide to provide us with Personally Identifiable Information while signing up for our newsletter, filling out a survey, participating in a contest, or so on.  Providing us with your Personally Identifiable Information is entirely voluntary and at your discretion, as is any additional content your provide us with in the process.


If you provide us with content (i.e. posting on our forum or submitting a contest entry), you agree that we may publicly display your content.


We will not display any of your Personally Identifiable Information without your permission, and we will not share your Personally Identifiable Information with other companies without your explicit permission.


(b) To facilitate your browsing experience, Beauty Girl Magazine may utilize cookies, which are transmitted to your computer and stored on your hard drive.  These may include session cookies, persistent cookies, and/or Flash cookies.  Cookies allow us to display relevant ads, track statistical data on site usage, and offer a higher-quality experience to visitors.  By using our site, you agree to accept these cookies.  We may use these cookies to collect and share aggregate (anonymous) information on our users.  We may use anonymous information generated through cookies and/or Personally Identifiable Information for any purposes we choose.


Our advertisers and marketing service providers may sometimes utilize cookies and store them on your computer as well when you visit our site.  We do not control how these cookies are used.


You may change the options in your browser to attempt to reject cookies, but this may result in certain features of our website not displaying correctly.


(c) When you visit Beauty Girl Magazine, we will be able to see your Internet Protocol (IP) address along with the referring page, the pages you browse on our website, the web sites you view after our site, the ads you view, the ads you click on, and additional information on your platform, computer browser, and software settings.  We may also see your search terms from a referring site.  We may will use this information to improve navigation and correct problems on our website.  We may also sometimes use it to enforce rules on our website.


(d) If we or our advertisers collect information on your location, you will be informed of that collection at the time it occurs.  You consent to the collection, use and disclosure of that data on your location if you choose to use those services which require its collection.


(e) Third parties such as your mobile carrier may sometimes provide us with additional information.  That information is collected and shared according to third-party privacy policies, not ours.


(f) Beauty Girl Magazine does not accept Do Not Track requests from browsers.


  1. How Beauty Girl Magazine Uses Information


If you provide us with Personally Identifiable Information, we will use it to provide you with whatever service you requested (i.e. your email address would be used to provide you with our newsletter if you requested it).  We may also use it to improve your browsing experience (i.e. by delivering more relevant ads).  Information provided to us by third parties may also be used for any of these purposes.


If you provide us with content through any form of submission (including, but not limited to: forum, email, poll, etc.), you are giving us permission to use and display that content where and how we see fit, along with your name or username (as applicable) and any biographical information and/or photo you provide.


  1. How Beauty Girl Magazine Discloses Your Information


We may sometimes use third parties to provide advertising, products, services or functions.  If we share your Personally Identifiable Information with these third parties, we request them to keep your information confidential and only use it for the purpose for which we have partnered with them.


Sometimes this situation may be reversed, with other companies partnering with Beauty Girl Magazine to provide a product, service or function.  In those cases, the third party’s privacy policy applies.  We will honor whatever agreement you made when you provided your information.


We may also disclose your information in the following situations:


(a) To affiliates working with us.


(b) In accordance with preferences you have indicated (i.e. to receive promotional materials or to receive a requested third-party service).


(c) To protect our legal rights in any form or fashion.


(d) In accordance with a sale, merger, exchange, transfer or disposition of all or part of our business.


  1. How We Display and Deliver Advertising


Along with the ads we display on our website, we may also display ads to you elsewhere online or through other media.  Information we collect while you visit our site may be used to serve this ad content.  This may involve the placement of third-party cookies on your browser or the use of Web beacons.  We and these third parties may use information obtained through these cookies and Web beacons to deliver ads.


  1. Miscellaneous Terms


(a) If you have subscribed to our email newsletter, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time.  You may also request we not share your email address or other contact information with third parties.  Exceptions are services you have requested which require us to share this information in order for you to receive those services.


(b) Minors should not disclose information about themselves or you on our website.  If they choose to do so, that action and the consequences thereof are not our responsibility.  They are yours.


  1. How Disputes Will Be Resolved


With the exception of legal issues relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, the following applies when you enter into this agreement:


You and Beauty Girl Magazine are both waiving the right to a trial by jury or class action lawsuit.  All arbitrations will be individual, not on a class action basis.


  1. Changes to This Policy


We may sometimes revise this Privacy Policy.  All changes made will be effective thirty days after we post them here.  It is your responsibility to review this page on a routine basis to check for any changes.  By using our site, you agree to these changes and acknowledge that you are always bound by the latest version of our Privacy Policy.


This policy was last revised on 7th June, 2017