Small coffee tables are undermined to a large extent when it comes to choosing home furniture where they are deemed to be vastly functional. They can hold our remote controls, drinks, expensive tech devices, beloved trinkets, and our take-out dinner after a long hard working day. It is usually not a factor that you would consider it as your first piece of furniture when you either move to a new place or if you are re-decorating your whole house.

Everyone does go around about who cares about a small coffee table, don’t they?

You put long hours in choosing the best sofa for your home which matches to the interior décor, you also choose the perfect rug and chairs for your living room but all you care is about is using a hand me down when it comes to small coffee tables, where is justice in that?

When you are a complete no-brainer when it comes to choosing a small coffee table, you can read on these 8 simple steps to help your way in choosing a small coffee table.

  1. Considering your budget

It is obvious that while you are choosing coffee tables for small spaces, the price points can vary from very expensive to unbearably budget friendly. So before you let loose on your shopping spree, know what you have to spend on it. Your entire budget for small cocktail tables should be around the areas like lighting, accessories, and furniture. Promising news for you is that you can always bend away from your budget in if you want something which you really loved in a tiny coffee table.  

So let’s get on some shopping spree, because why not?

  • Size matters

You would obviously need to determine the size you need. It is important to consider the height of the coffee table. It should not be lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your couch where the standard height of the table is 19-18 inches and can pair up pretty well with an average sized couch.  It is a notion that the higher the sofa, the taller the table it needs, i.e. a one which is 20-21 inches in height. Your guests will be able to set down their glasses or plates better with a taller table since it will be more convenient and it will be a total win-win if you are a massive entertainer and if you love to host parties.

What’s better than feeding your desire to host the parties with these beautifully small coffee tables?

  • Taking the shape into account

Shapes matter too where you should consider factors like if you have pets or children, is the room large, narrow or small, etc. A curved edge implies that there will be no sharp corner injuries if one bumps or falls into it. If you want to comfortably walk in between the television and coffee table then you should use a rectangular shaped apartment size coffee table and should allow 30 inches of distance between the two pieces. It is more recommended to use a round mini coffee table because it will give you more room to walk past it since it will be able to curve away from the television console.

Who knew that a small coffee table would have such flexible shapes, isn’t it?

  • Functionalities you didn’t know about

It is important to know what the small wooden coffee table’s primary function is. Will it be on the decorative end or will it help you in storing things. There are many small apartment coffee tables which come with drawers or shelves to hold things like kid’s toys or a stash of magazines or books which you might want to read with your daily cup of coffee. Even if you don’t need the storage, there will still be a chance that you will be able to place a plate or a drink without the risk of tipping everything over. You can pick a small space coffee table which will hold snack plates and drinks without any hassle. If you still feel that the main purpose of your small coffee table is just décor, then you can focus on the table material which has a lot of line and textures.

It is a functional table with an amazing décor, who knew right?

  • Investing in material

Materials are important since they decide the durability of your beloved investment. Good for you that those very small coffee tables come in a wide variety of materials. One of them is the industrial ones in metal where if you want to opt for a more sophisticated outlook, you can always go for materials like glass which is combined with steel or brass. A small wood coffee table has an own feel to it be it maple, oak, walnut, cherry, etc. Walnut and cherry will give your small coffee table a more formal look while oak and maple are more on the casual side. You can also consider Lucite since it will make your table appear to be floating where it also offers a more modern appeal.

A good material small coffee table is worth investing in and this one you don’t have to take it with a pinch of salt.

  • Who doesn’t love a chic style?

Be it formal, modern, informal or vintage, you can consider all these styles while you purchase your small apartment coffee table. If you want to go with the contemporary look, you can always choose a sleek metal table which has a glass top. If you want to give your room a more romantic feel then you can pick a small round coffee table with wood turned legs. If you think your home is more casual then you can opt for a rustic oak table. All in all, there are abundant styles to choose from where you just have to use the decorating scheme of the room as your ultimate guide.

Who said that you cannot turn your house into a stylish little hearth?

  • The scale of the table

It is important that every piece in your room should be of appropriate scale. It is not a right scale when you have placed a heavy clunky overstuffed couch with a dainty coffee table from the attic of your grandmother. This is a complete no-no. You should pair an overstuffed couch with a large table because the two pieces are of equal weight and size and will also be more in scale with each other. The delicate coffee table, on the other hand, should be paired with a delicate love seat or settee. The scale is more about the size and the visual weight of the objects.

Who knew that scales would matter so much, right?

  • A group of small coffee tables

Why stop at one when you can choose many tables? You can try a collection of tables where for an interesting look, you can place two sets of identical nesting tables, which is next to each other and then you can pull out each table to expand the surface area while staggering the table tops too. If you think that your house has a lot of space and you have not found the table you really like then you can place two small coffee tables next to each other and then create a larger table. A varied option is to use many garden stools and then use them as a sofa table solution. These come in many colours and also patterns that are perfect for a bright sunny living room.  

One is better, but two are great, am I right?

Now when there is a talk about the aesthetics of your home, small coffee tables come with a lot of elegance and style where there are many styles to be chosen from like:

  1. Unique Handicraft Wooden Coffee Table

This small coffee table is surely the one for your home because it can add an elegant look to your traditional setting. The small coffee table can blend in with a lot of backgrounds at your home. This table can offer you maximum durability because it is made from hardwood. It has a sleek and cherry finish.

Talk about the good old small coffee table because this is surely the one.
  1. Dorel Living Faux Marble Top Coffee Table

A small coffee table which is the dream of every buyer because it has a faux marble surface on the table top and it is constructed of solid wood and wood veneers. It has an espresso finish where the lift top on the coffee table can be used as a tray table so that you can eat or play games. Do you feel that you need to store a lot of things like your kid’s toys or a stack full of magazines? Fret not because you can find a hidden storage compartment on the table top.

A convenient yet multi-functional coffee table, isn’t it?

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  1. Klaxon S Shape Coffee Table

Are you all about uniqueness? Is your house decked up with furniture which speaks your unique personality? Then why stop at a small coffee table? The Klaxon S Shape Coffee Table presents you with a unique design which is urban and chic where its primary material is made of wood. It has an elegant and sleek design which can highly complement many sofa sets. This table is more suitable for lighter items like IPAD, laptop, etc. It can be installed within a jiffy.

This is surely a little something apart from your everyday furniture.

  1. TIED RIBBONS Multi-Purpose Round Coffee Table

Are you more on the simpler end? Do you want a coffee table which is simple and is not overdone? Then this coffee table is just the right thing for you because it is compatible with any of the décors in your room. It is made of solid MDF panel material where the table has a smooth surface and has environmental protection features. It does not only have a lightweight design but is also space saving which is easy to move and carry. You can assemble it without any hassle and it is easy to clean.

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With all being said and done about the types of small coffee tables and how to choose them, now let us look into the advantages of having a small coffee table because everyone wants to be at a pro end, don’t they?

  1. Easier to move: A small size implies that you can move the small unique coffee tables in an easy manner if you would want to free up space in your living room. It will also be easier if you would want to change the interior and design of your beloved home.
  2. Cleaning in a jiffy: Small size comes with smaller cleaning time where the small piece of furniture will be easy to clean when compared to another piece of furniture at your home.
  3. Budget-friendly: With a small coffee table, you would have to invest less amount of money. These types of small coffee table are more suitable for homeowners who are more concerned with their budget.

Since you are looking for a coffee table for small apartments, let us look at the advantages of reclaimed wood coffee tables because, why not?

  • Environmental friendly

If you want to be nature-friendly with your furniture, the best bet is to use reclaimed wood. Since you will be using an already utilized wood, you will give the manufactures a chance to reduce the chopping of the trees.

  • A lot of shades and material to choose from

The reclaimed wood can come in various types like yellowish oak, brown walnut, light pine where it totally depends on your choice. So you can choose from a shade which matches with your interiors.

  • Durability

Who said that a used wood will be less durable? It is quite a contrary notion that the reclaimed wood is a natural and solid solution which can last for many years after it has been purchased.  

There are also many other advantages like it can be a timeless decoration solution and it is an amazing fit for a wide range of interiors.

So what’s the wait? A small coffee table is right around the corner to turn your beautiful home into something amazing.


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