Top 5 Women Watches With Detail Review Inside


Here are the best women watches you can ever get

Every lady has different tastes and preferences for the accessories they wear. While most of us value handbags, shoes, and sunglasses, others love watches that make them look professional. Women watches play a significant role in a lady’s style. It not only helps her be a time manager but also, makes a fashion statement.

Though there all kind of watches on the market, finding the right piece is what matters. It can be an everyday accessory or a watch that you put on during special occasions. We will look at the best brands of women watches to help you figure out what you need. Find out more!


Kate Spade New York Model KSW1392

Get a stylish watch coated with silver to add class to your look.  The Kate spade silver watch comes with a case for your accessory and a bracelet to complement your watch. You also get a mother-of-pearl-dial. It is made from stainless steel and uses a three-hand design to operate. It is easy to use, and you can always set the alarm to act as a reminder if you have a busy schedule.

If you are worried about your watch being damaged by water, relax for this watch is water resistant. It can survive in brief immersions or minimal splashes. This does not mean that you swim or bath while wearing your Kate spade jewelry. Remember that the proper maintenance of your watch is what determines its lifespan.

Your package comes with a long-lasting battery that is non-standard. You can always replace your battery form your dealer if it is no longer working. Be sure to get a compatible battery to avoid frustrations.  Your watch moves in analog quarts and has a round, elegant shape. You get a 2-year warranty on purchasing your Kate spade watch. This ensures that you don’t spend more if any defects occur within that time.


  • It has an elegant design
  • Comes with a case for ultimate protection
  • You get an additional bracelet with your purchase
  • The manufacturers give you cover for two years.
  • It is made from durable material to prevent wearing off.


  • You may lack the size for a bigger wrist.


Ann Klein women watches


Are you looking for a watch that can tell your personality? Owning an Anne Klein watch will boost your confidence and add sophistication to your taste. The combination of the design and quality makes it a must-have for every lady. The design boosts your confidence and makes you look serious in what you do.

This piece is made from the mineral crystal that you cannot scratch easily. The lens appears to be dome shapes, and the crystals are clear and 42 in number. It also comes in a mother-of-pearl dial and a bracelet you can adjust according to the size of your wrist. Always match the color of your watch with something else. It could be a handbag or a simple attire. Interchanging bracelets as you put on your watch will make you look different every time.

This rose gold Ann Klein watch has an accessory clasp and an extender. The manufacturers use the Japanese-quartz movement to design it. It also comes with a case for maximum protection and can withstand a few water immersions.

It also comes with instructions in the package showing you the safety measures to handle your watch. For instance, you should not expose it to heat or deep water. This may seem obvious, but they are the reasons people raise complaints afterward due to abusing the watch. You may get a lifetime warranty for your watch, but it will not cover you if you have been abusing your gold watch.


  • You get a lifetime warranty from your purchase
  • It is a high-quality watch
  • You get accessories such as a bracelet
  • It comes with its own casing
  • The domes lens adds style and prevents your watch from breaking.
  • It is water resistant.


  • Some parts of the coating may wear out with time
  • The coating may give you skin rash with long-term use of the watch, especially with a sensitive skin.


Omega women watches


Do you love adventures and need a watch to withstand harsh conditions? You should get an omega women watch. It will fit into your busy schedule and make it easier for you to be a timekeeper. It is made from stainless steel which is a durable material. By looking at it from a distance, you can tell that this watch is solidly built.

A busy lifestyle needs a firm watch that provides a strong grip without the risk of getting lose. Omega has scalloped edges to give you that grip under different conditions. It has a wavy blue interior with dotted markers for each hour that distinguishes it from the rest. The two skeleton hands are also luminous, and you will notice the date window on the three o’clock section. Such stunning features are rare to find in most watches.

The designers include quartz movement in your watch. The lens is made from doomed crystal increasing durability. You can go scuba diving with this watch since it can resist water up to 30 meters deep. Feel free to check out omega quartz watches prices on Amazon today. They may not be very affordable, but we can guarantee that you would be purchasing a high-quality watch.


  • It is resistant to water
  • Its quartz movement makes it precise
  • Omega watch is resistant to scratches.
  • Gives you a strong grip
  • Steel case makes it durable


  • Some users find the weight a bother compared to other watches. If you don’t wear it every day, this might not be a problem.




What makes this piece unique is that the color can match with any outfit. It does not limit you to specific outfits to blend with your accessories. It is made from stainless steel right from the casing to the watch as well as its bracelet. Both your watch and the case are round and look amazing. You can get this as a gift for a person you treasure.

Tissot ladies watch comes with silver dial and hands that are toned with silver. You get index markers to help you keep track of time. It uses an analog dial and has a quartz movement.  You watch has a sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches. The solid casing keeps your Tissot classic watch intact until the next time you want to use it. It prevents it from humidity and harsh conditions that can affect your watch.

It also features a pull or posh crown. You can use the button release on the deployment clasp at your convenience. It can resist water that is 30 meters deep thanks to its stainless material. It also uses the quartz movement design. This design has been used since history to simplify watch readings and give you the convenience of adjusting the watch settings.

It has a long lifespan and needs very little maintenance.  As long as you don’t bathe or swim with your watch on, it will last. It can withstand heavy wear circumstances without getting damaged. It is solidly built and more cumbersome than other brands. You also get a 1-year warranty for your Tissot watch in case of defects.


  • It is a sturdy watch
  • It is light and small
  • You get both a case and a cushion inside for enhanced protection
  • You get an additional secure bracelet


  • Some users complain of an uncomfortable clasp.


Tiffany and Company


If you love simplicity, you will like the Tiffany and Company watches. This classic women watches are not just typical watches. They are spectacular structures that are divided into five parts. All the for structures work towards giving your watch unmatched airtightness.  It comes with an elegant pearl dial and uses the quartz movement mechanism.

You can wear this watch as often as you like due to its light and small nature. The material does not affect your sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about getting rashes on your skin. The color also makes it flexible to match with all kinds of accessories such as your earrings.

The package comes with the body, a manual with precise instructions as well as a warranty card to cover your watch for damages for at least two years. It is also water-resistant and can withstand such conditions up to a depth of 50 meters. You can get a vintage Tiffany watch on Amazon and get it delivered on the same day of purchase.


  • It is versatile thanks to its various features
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is solidly built
  • You get a two-year warranty from your purchase.


  • There are no reported difficulties from users of this women watch.

Competitor brands

Kate Spade New York Holland black

Kate Spade New York Holland bracelet watch may look appealing, but it does not match the performance of Kate Spade New York Model KSW1392. It is more of an accessory than a watch. Most users report that it works only within the first few days.

It is inconsistent and unreliable as it randomly stops working forcing you to keep on resetting it. You will not encounter such challenges with Kate Spade New York Model KSW1392. Some users assume that it is the battery with the problem, but even after replacing the battery, the problem persists.

The specifications for your watch are not precise. For instance, they don’t give you the battery size so you could buy the wrong one and end up wasting resources. The customer service is also not helpful when you are having difficulties with this watch, unlike other brands. Some users report that the attendants who handle complaints from customers are either rude or leave you hanging with no solution.

Most users also complain of the quality of the make. Unlike the Kate Spade New York Model KSW1392, this is poorly made. Some of the parts are not from stainless steel. They give you a synthetic or plastic sensation. It may look good on your hand, but if it’s not working, then there is no point in buying it. If you need a functional model of the same brand, go for Kate Spade New York Model KSW1392.

Tissot PR 50

Unlike the Tissot model we talked about earlier, this comes with lots of problems. It works for some time then stops. If you love Tissot lady watches, check the model before buying a product that will disappoint you. One user reports that they took it to the dealer for repairs, having a 1-year warranty and had to pay for the repairs. It still did not work after all these efforts. It can be very frustrating and can end up costing you more money. You don’t want that right?

The manufacturers claim that the battery is durable, but most consumers disagree with this notion. Even if you don’t expose it to water, humidity can still affect the functioning of your watch. This shows that the brand is not as water-resistant as they advertise it. The quality is not as good as the other Tissot version.

We highly recommend the original Tissot brand against this model since it receives more negative reviews than positive ones. Do your research well by going through women watches reviews before settling on a product. Window shopping can also help you compare features and prices, saving you disappointments and some cash.

Final thoughts

From the above, you can tell that a watch is more than just a piece that tells us the time. What you wear on your hand symbolizes your style. Thankfully, most of the affiliate brands we talked about to give you an additional bracelet to finish the look.

You can now match your watch and bracelet with your bag or outfits. We hope you have learned what kind of watch you need and are ready to purchase it. Consider the value of the watch as you weigh it against the price. Good luck!