We will discuss Top 10 Perfume brands that are been rated high In India.

We have picked the best Perfume brands that you can easily dependent on. They will have amazing fragrance that will blow your mind with its charm.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the word perfume means, a liquid with a pleasant smell. Usually made from oils taken from flowers or spices and often used on the skin. 

A liquid with a nice smell that you put on your skin. Perfumes are usually used to stop bad odour and give a pleasant smell. 

Perfumes are kept on skin near armpits, or neck, sometimes backside of ears and on hands. They can eliminate the bad odour and make yourself smell nice.

Odour has a power of persuasion stronger that of words, appearance, emotions or will. The persuasive power of an odour cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into lungs, fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.”


The story of a Murderer

Perfume and it’s magic :

The perfume you wear plays a major role in your daily attire. Let’s talk about why?

  • More than your visual appearance, your fragrance tends to precede in adding further context.
  • At the same time becoming an invitation for other people to indulge their senses in your style.
  • When you wear perfume, it’s magic creates a beautiful atmosphere and helps to provide inner peace by maintaining good aroma around you.
  • The most obvious fact of wearing perfume is to keep unpleasant body odour at Bay and make sure you smell fresh throughout the day.
  • Confidence. A scent can sometimes work wonders on your personality, boosting your morale, and like a perfect partner. It can bring out the best in you in all occasions.
  • Your fragrance will be the first impression of you as you enter a place, and the lasting impression when you leave. Perfumes have a vast amount of pheromones and can make you attractive to people.
  • The essential oils contained in perfumes have therapeutic effects which can help you relax and sleep better at night, thus helping avert insomnia.

Fragrance is like any other accessory to an outfit. A way of sharing a bit about your innermost thoughts and character. It leaves a long-lasting aesthetic impression to all those that engage with you.

As I mentioned earlier, confidence is far more attractive than physical looks. If you are done well with your personality, but the bad odour can ruin your appearance. It is only the natural oils(perfume) that helps to boost your confidence.

“When we can buy good clothes to look good, why not a good perfume for a good fragrance. Smelling pleasant is almost like a part of good manners.”

Here, is the list of 10 best Perfume brands in India :

1. Bella Vita Organic white oud perfume for Men and Women :

Bella Vita Organic white oud perfume for Men and Women
Bella Vita Organic white oud perfume for Men and Women

White oud is a fresh woody spicy unisex fragrance. Top notes are coriander and cumin, middle note is Java vetiver oil, base notes are laotian oud, musk and oakmoss. This White Oud is a striking scent that lifts your senses and creates a warm earthy sensuality.

The heart feature of this scent is it is crafted for both men and women and is a classic addition to your fragrance wardrobe.

So, whether you are looking for a fresh scent or a moodier perfume for a day or a night. Bella Vita Organic incredible perfume range that you’ll love guaranteed.

  • Key ingredients :

Alcohol Denat, Aqua (water), perfume, PPG 20 Methyl Glucose Ether, Benzophenone 3.

  • Verified Review :

5 stars by Aastha Bahuguna

I personally love the fragrance and am too much addicted to the perfume and this one is now my favorite one of mine. I love the perfumes as it has a rich, powerful fragrance. It’s an exotic fragrance and just has the soothing sensation. 

The heart features the earthy fragrance of freshly cut grass. This green, clean scent is followed by the strong and lasting base. It is crafted for both men and women. 

A perfect scent that works both office wear and evening wear. This timeless fragrance of white oud is your go – to perfume for every occasion.

2. Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume For Men and Women :

Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume For Men and Women
Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume For Men and Women

Body Cupid provides a premium range of luxurious natural and organic body. Bath products such as body scrubs, body salts, body polishes, shower, bath gels, lotion and body butters. 

Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume gives you cool and fresh Unisex fragrance. 

The perfume makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and skin irritation free. A very small amount of spray on plus points gives lingering fragrance for a long time. This aqua wave Perfume has utterly seductive freshness. This perfume is designed for both Men and Women. The smell is so fresh and delicate, and feels like a beach. 

Perfect for girls who don’t want to smell flowery or candy fragrance.

Key ingredients :

Alcohol denat, Aqua(water), parfum, PPG 20 Methyl Glucose Ether, Benzophenone 3, Brilliant blue FCF(CI 42090), Erythrosine (CI 45430)

Verified Review :

“Perfect choice” by Christina Joy

The Best fragrance for those who don’t like the basic fruity feminine flavors. Purely classy. Satisfied.

“Awesome perfume in this range” by Priyaja Nayak

The fragrance of this perfume is beautiful. Very refreshing and lasts easily for 5 to 6 hours. Very affordable as I got a discount. Bought it as being recommended by The Daydream Project YouTube channel.

3. Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men and Fogg Beautiful Secret Scent for Woman :

Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men and Fogg Beautiful Secret Scent for Woman
Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men and Fogg Beautiful Secret Scent for Woman

Fogg is one of the top selling perfume deodorants in India, and Darshan Patel is founder and managing director of Vini Cosmetics Pvt LTD. This company sells 18+ deodorants perfume and white tone talc.

Fogg Xtremo scent for Men smells good and stays fresh all day long. Bold, masuline and absolutely sexy. With Fogg Xtremo bury your fears, lift that smile and head for your wild side. Fragrance stays for almost 4-5 hours of application. Apply Fogg perfume directly on your body for a long-lasting aromatic effect.

Key ingredients :

Ethyl alcohol. Perfume, dep benzophenone -3, pentaerythrityl tetra-di-butyl hydroxy rocinante.

Verified Review : 

“Wonderful fragrance” by Aditya Saxsena

It is a fantastic fragrance perfume, it’s smell is so good, not so hard. I can say this because I have different types of perfumes but really speaking this is different from others. Thanks, Amazon and Fogg, always great time to us.

Fogg Beautiful secret scent is Amazon’s choice. Fogg Beautiful secret scent is like a mystery and lets the world keep guessing. 12 hours protection against body odour. It is gentle on your skin and also offers anti- bacterial protection.

A clear, strong fragrance, that makes it one of the best perfumes for women. The fragrance is simple, but yes it has a light soothing scent which makes you feel fresh and confident.

Verified Review :

“Sweet smell” by Raja Great

It’s really a wonderful perfume. A nice feminine fragrance and smell so sweet.

“Great fragrance, value for money”

Tries this for the first time and has become a big fan of the fragrance.

4. Park Avenue Classic Deo Cool Blue :

Park Avenue Classic Deo Cool Blue
Park Avenue Classic Deo Cool Blue

Park Avenue is an Amazon choice.

Park Avenue Classic Deo is the best fragrance to start the day. Cool blue feels oceanic and reminds you of a beach vacation. 

This Deo is a combination of spicy cloves, citrusy lemon, nice fruity heart blend. It is built with a heavy Woody character helps to hold the fragrance for a long time on the body.

 It has antibacterial properties that help to lock the fragrance for 8 long hours and keeps body odour away. This classic Deo is safe and smooth on skin, you can directly apply this on your plus areas.

Key ingredients :

Fresh citrus, cologne and Woody 

Verified Review :

“Very nice and gentle fragrance” by Sumit debnath

This Deo smells great and long-lasting. I have used other Deos before but liked it over other Deos. Value for money product.

“Great product and nice quality” by Kaushal bodani

Good product and nice quality

Last long fragrance for one use a day

Will surely refer to friends

5. Fogg Impressio Scent For Men :

Fogg Impressio Scent For Men
Fogg Impressio Scent For Men

Vini Cosmetic private limited owns the Fogg brand. The Fogg impressio scent container itself is a very attractive one, with golden finish. This perfume can offer you up to 800 sprays. The aroma or fragrance makes you feel fresh and adorable. It gives you a soothing fragrance of Woody and citrus blended scents. 

This scent lasts for at least 6-10 hours. Can be applied directly upon the skin. It has antibacterial properties that help to control the unpleasant smell. 

One of the top selling Fogg brands genuinely stands for casting an impression as its name goes by. It is very manly and long-lasting.

Key ingredients :

Ginger, Bitter Orange, Rose, Jasmine, Honey Amber Accord and Sandalwood base note.

Verified Review :

“Just about Right” by Srini A Venu

I was a bit worried about the previous review mentioning the strong aroma but it’s perfect perfume for me (just don’t spray too much as it is strong).

I don’t spray it on my shirts, usually the inner wear, this way the aroma stays much longer.

“Impression depends on Fogg Impressio Scent” by Siddesh jathar

I always use this scent. This is the best scent of all other products. It lasts upto 8 hours. I used all Fogg products but this is my best scent. And it is very useful for the office and party. I give 5 stars to this product. Close your eyes and buy this product. 80% of people like this product because the first impression is your not only last but your present impression. So buy, use and show your attitude with your perfect personality.

6. Villain (Eau De Parfum) Perfume For Men (lack) :

Villain (Eau De Parfum) Perfume For Men (lack)
Villain (Eau De Parfum) Perfume For Men (lack)

Explore your villainous streak with all new signature perfume for men by Villain. Fragrance is very important in any man’s grooming care. The new fragrance comes in a sleek black bottle and keeps body odour at Bay all day long. 

It’s Woody and spicy notes have a distinguished quality that makes you unmissable to the people around. Firstly apply on you plus points like wrist, neck and behind the ear and there you are.

Villain perfume for Men who are confident, powerful, and intriguing. A Man who is always in control of his surroundings and knows how to use his charm to influence for good or bad.

Key ingredients :

Ethyl Alcohol, Perfume, DEP, Propylene Glycol.

Verified Review :

“Mind blowing perfume totally loved it” by Ripudaman

An amazing product I would say. I ordered it after being recommended by one of my friends who was using this perfume. 

I really loved the nice Woody fragrance which is long-lasting and very strong.

The packaging and finish of the bottle is excellent. It doesn’t make you feel that you’re using low cost perfume rather you will feel like it’s a costly one. The aroma and essence that it has makes people love it.

I do recommend this to many of my friends, and they do have brought it. 

Surely I would order it again once my first bottle is used 

Really loved the product and recommended it to all who are looking for Woody fragrance perfume.

Thanks, Amazon, for timely and safe delivery.

7. Set Wet Deodorant Spray Perfume :

Set Wet Deodorant Spray Perfume
Set Wet Deodorant Spray Perfume

1. Set Wet (sada sexy raho- cool avatar deodorant spray)

2. Set Wet (sada sexy raho- charm avatar deodorant spray)

3. Set Wet (sada sexy raho- swag avatar deodorant spray)

4. Set Wet (Cool Avatar Deodorant Spray)

Feel like the king of sun and sand with the Set Wet Cool Avatar Deodorant Spray for Men. This Deo is hand-picked for the sporty man like you! Your personality makes others want to engage with you. 

Set Wet spray is perfect for sporty and cool men like you. Enjoy the breezy Fragrance of Set Wet Cool Avatar Men’s Deo. It has fresh breath of mint and ginger, with Woody undertones, a whiff of musk and long-lasting trail of vetiver. Make Set Wet your coolness buddy.

Set Wet (Charm Avatar Deodorant Spray)

Feel the real love guru with Set Wet Charm Avatar Men’s Deodorant. This Deo has an attractive musky fragrance with a whiff of lavender, accents of cardamon and a trace of peppermint. Don your charm avatar and make this Set Wet Deodorant Spray Perfume your plus one. 

So, switch on your charm and bring lovistaan alive every morning!

Set Wet (Mischief Avatar Deodorant Spray)

Are you ready for some Mischief ? Switch on fun mode with the Set Wet Mischief Avatar Deodorant for Men. If your jokes and memes get the likes, your harmless pranks are the talk of the town, then this Deo is perfect for you !!!

Set Wet Mischief Avatar Deodorant has a feisty fragrance with the zesty scent of many spices, whispers of rosewood and a highlight of apple and melon. 

So, Set Wet Avatar range of Deodorant for Men is a burst of color, energy and passion. It is a collection of Sunny, Sports, and Charming fragrance for men. This range of Deo prevents body odour caused by bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits and other areas of the body.

Key ingredients :

1. Set Wet Cool Avatar include, mint, ginger, Woody undertones, and trail of vetiver.

2. Set Wet Charm Avatar include, whiff of lavender, accents of cardamom, and a trace of peppermint.

3. Set Wet Mischief Avatar includes zesty scent of many spices, whispers of rosewood and highlights of apple and melon.

Verified Review :

“Worthy buy…. Just awesome” by Ajay Macwan

After using this product, I am writing this Review,

  1. Fragrance is awesome and long-lasting
  2. Fragrance doesn’t irritate your head
  3. It’s mild and very long-lasting.

Will recommend this product, as my experience is just awesome.

8. Engage MI Perfume Spray For Men (Citrus and Woody, skin friendly):

Engage MI Perfume Spray For Men (Citrus and Woody, skin friendly)
Engage MI Perfume Spray For Men (Citrus and Woody, skin friendly)

This body spray for Men defines the Man of today. Fresh yet Fiery, this is one perfect fragrance, with tantalizing notes, that can take your man game up by notches. Whether a formal event, or a jazzed up club night out, this fragrance for men is just apt for all.

Spray it on for a day full of vigor. Engage for men is a range of bold and sassy Deodorant that are entrenched with notes that define masculinity. It smells so cool and the cooling effect makes you feel refreshed. The fragrance is long-lasting, it can stay up to 8 hours minimum. 

Key ingredients :

Orange bergamot, Geranium, Jasmine, Amber and Patchouli.

Verified Review :

5 stars by Sadhin Saleem

Engage M1 perfume is best for men. Really it lasts for a long time means it’s long-lasting.

It’s worth the money.

Delivery made by Amazon was such an amazing experience.

Their packing was really amazing and highly protective.

Dear customer, please try this one at least one time.

9. Skinn Raw Fragrance For Men :

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Skinn Raw Fragrance is one of the most loved perfume brands not only in India but all over the world. This fragrance is created with crisp citrus notes that exude vitality and the warm Woody notes that reflect masculinity.

Citrus notes such as bergamot and lemon from Italy, with a watery effect, will give you freshness to clear your mind. The dry down of Raw will rest on your skin all day long. (8 hours minimum) 

A precious combination of Patchouli from Indonesia, and Gaiac Wood. It is skin friendly since it is Dermatologically tested.

Key Ingredients :

Bergamot, watery fruits, Mandarin, violet leaves, pormarose, carnation, Geranium, Indonesian patchouli, cashmeran, and gaiac wood.

Verified Review :

“Quality Scent” by Deepak

Good quality with long-lasting scent. Good on the body without any side effects.

“Pleasant and mild scent” by Swathi

It has a mild scent and definitely for office goers.

“Awesome perfume” by Narresh

Aroma of Skinn Raw Perfume is simply awesome.

10. Ustraa Scuba Cologne Perfume For Men :

Ustraa Scuba Cologne Perfume For Men
Ustraa Scuba Cologne Perfume For Men

Ustraa Scuba Cologne Perfume is a deep and intense fragrance straight from the depths of the ocean. Plunge into the deep blue freshness of Scuba loaded with 3x more fragrance than deodorant and no gas, and has intensely masculine fragrance. 

Its notes are lively, bright, clean, and have a spicy tone and ensure a lasting fragrance. This scent has a fresh deep sea fragrance that keeps you charged all day.

It has Cologne which keeps body odour at Bay. Confident, Charismatic, and aquatic fougere fragrance that you can’t help but love. 

Key ingredients :

Bergamot, lavender, pineapple, coumarin, Geranium, oak moss, apple, Tonka, sandalwood, pormarose.

Verified Review :

“A perfume with intense and impressive fragrance” by Darpan

It looks very classic. The bottle cap is also premium looking. Overall, the presentation of the perfume and the packaging is impressive. Regarding the smell, it is quite intense. A few spray on your body or clothes and it lasts for the entire day. The smell of this perfume is easily noticeable. People will ask you about this perfume once you use it. It reminds of those days when Axe effects ads were shown on TV. This perfume has the same X effects. You can easily get impressed anyone with this perfume. Best and go for it.